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Life Lessons to Learn From Disney Movies

When it comes to Disney movies, they have great lessons for children, and we all took those lessons when we were kids but as we grew up, we grew out of those lessons and started seeing Disney films as too optimistic and for kids. Well, the movies might be for kids but the great life lessons that Disney taught us are still relevant and will always be relevant if we take them seriously. So, the Disney movies that we discuss below are some movies that give us great life lessons that we might have missed as kids but they are necessary to understand now. 

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a movie that taught us how jealousy can lead someone to destroy lives, but at the end of the day only those win who have a pure heart and are fair to others. Well, while this lesson might be for kids, what it teaches us is that strangers are not to be trusted as they can be dangerous to you, but it also teaches us that humanity still exists. With the seven dwarfs ready to help snow white, and her own step mother determined to kill her, we are taught about how people can be. 

101 Dalmatians 

As kids, this animated movie seemed simple, but we learn about it now is how mean and cruel humans can be towards animals. When Perdita gives birth to 15 puppies, they are being bought only so someone could buy a fur coat shows us the real face of humans. The movie teaches us that animals deserve to be loved. One more thing that we learn from this film is that humans should behave the same way animals do and the world would be so much better. 

Beauty and the Beast 

Beauty and the beast teaches us a lot of things. It teaches us that beauty comes from within, and that you shouldn’t judge people based on their looks. It also teaches us that people should not take pride in the way they look. If we watch this film today, it also teaches us how reading books opens your mind a lot and makes you non-judgmental. Beauty and the beast is perfect to watch on a rainy night with your family. For a good TV service to watch rainy night movies if you live in a remote area, we suggest getting Satellite TV from You will find accessible, and affordable offers that will match your requirements. 


Pocahontas is a movie that teaches us a lot of things and is pro feminist. When Pocahontas is to be married to a brave warrior, she is brave and rebellious and is open-minded. The film teaches us that true love is color blind and without prejudice. It also teaches us that love is not supposed to be materialistic and it transcends all race, religion and family background. 


Aladdin is a beautiful Disney movie about a boy Aladdin who wishes to marry princess Jasmine. When he finds a Genie who wants him to make a wish. Eventually when Aladdin does make a wish he realizes how wishing never did anything for anyone. So he stops wishing and starts making efforts. Aladdin’s wish also teaches us how there are greater things to life than asking for money only. Besides, one more thing that we are taught from Jasmine’s character is bravery and rebellion, and being able to stand for what is right. 

Finding Nemo

One great lesson that we learn from the movie ‘Finding Nemo’ is to keep swimming no matter how hopeless things start to seem. The dialogue ‘Keep Swimming’ teaches us how we must keep going in life. Apart from never losing hope, what we learn from this movie is to not be over protective, scared of life and to let things flow. Holding on to past traumas only makes things difficult. 


Tangled is a movie that teaches us to step out of our comfort zone. When Rapunzel gets out of her tower she gets to see the world and that is when she realizes that the world is full of possibilities. We are also taught that not everyone loves us for who we are and some people only want us so that they could benefit from u. 


UP is a movie about an old widower Carl who goes on an adventure in his flying house in the search for Paradise falls which was his wife’s dream destination. When Carl goes on the adventure he realizes that it is never late for adventures and exploration. The movie tells us that time and age are merely a social construct and what should matter is the moment you are in. Age is just a number when your heart is in the right place. 

Peter Pan 

Peter Pan is a beautiful Disney movie that discusses growing up in a very light way. It teaches us that growing up is inevitable and one must come to terms with the reality that they have to grow up one day. The movie teaches us to live in the moment and to embrace change because it is inevitable. It teaches us that everyone must learn to face the real world when it comes to it and stop over worrying themselves. 

Lion King

Lion King is the movie that teaches us not to worry about what is inevitable and teaches us the ‘Hakuna Matata’ philosophy. It teaches us not to worry because life is hard. Life is hard should never mean that you should suffer and it also teaches us that happiness is a choice. No one will come to make you happy, so it should be your own responsibility. 

These Disney movies have a lot of life lessons and while we think these are for kids, watching them again makes us realize the underlying themes and messages that we never understood as kids and must learn as adults. The main message we get from all Disney movies is that life is too short to waste on worries and that being good humans is what should matter at the end of the day. So, if you haven’t gotten your message from Disney movies yet, watch them again and learn a lot that you never knew before. 

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